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“Working with Bulldog Determination
to meet your real estate needs!”

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Starr was my Realtor when I moved to Augusta. She worked tirelessly to find the home that met my specifications in my price range.  She did such a good job, she found two!  She then helped me decide which one would meet my needs best–and I never regretted the decision!

When I was transferred, she listed & sold my house quickly. If I should ever move back to Augusta, she will definitely be my Realtor!

— Edward Garza —

Starr Crawford has always worked as a professional in the many years that I have done busines with this LADY.  I have worked with Starr during the time that I worked in the Planning Department of Columbia County and she has always worked as a Professional.  She worked diligently finding the best residence, at the best price when I was looking for my personal home.  Then she handled the sale of my home in an honest, sound, professional manner.  I would recommend Starr to handle any real estate matter.

— Jane Mather —

We listed our home with Starr, and approximately one month later we had a contract. Starr kept us informed with everything that was occuring with the sale of our home, all the way up to the moment that we signed the final papers!  Starr was determined to sell our home quickly, and she did just that!  We can absolutely say, without a doubt, that Starr is the hardest working woman in real estate!  If we ever move again, we will definitely enlist the services of Starr to get us into our next home!

— Teresa & Chad McNeely —

I am so glad you found me.  I look forward to meeting you and working to find the best property to fit your needs!

Starr Crawford

I am a life time member of the Million Dollar Club. And continually attend numerous classes to keep my skills and knowledge at peak performance.

My latest designation is SRES — Senior Real Estate Specialist. And needless to say, this involves giving people over 55 the best information and service possible.

While I was at the class I received a call from my daughter, she asked what I was doing and I replied I was at a class for seniors real estate. She immediately replied, “Are they trying to teach you old Realtors new tricks?”